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Renaissance Festival - Cancelled due to COVID-19

Mid Jul - Enchanted Forest

With a Viking VIllage neighbor, a real tavern, sows, shopping, food, events and games, the Enchanted Forest is a one of a kind experence. The Mid Michigan Renaissance Festival has been in operation since 2008. The reason for the development of this this festival was to provide a more flexible experience for merchants, staff, entertainers, playtrons and patrons. Weekend Themes:

June 11-12 Magic and Mysticism
Come back to once upon a time, where there are knights in shining armor, belly dancing beauties, and fairy tale princesses to rescue - and who do the rescuing themselves! You may find fortune tellers and tea readers to reveal the past, present, and future! Fairytales will come to life and living myths will be wrangled back into the story books by the brothers and sister Grimm. A magical and mystical time to be had for all ages

July 18-20 Pillage the Village
How about pirates, Vikings, wenches... OH MY... Join us land lubbers in our tavern for a mead, visit the T.R.I.B.E.S. Viking Village and see their daily life, and pint-sized pirates can sink a ship and talk to a mermaid. Join this mid-season scallywag shindig with both our sea weathered buccaneers and the fresh-faced privateers. Let us avoid the scurvy and hard tack! Only the best, or worst depending on your perspective, are allowed in our village!

July 25-26 When Worlds Collide
Take a whole bag of renaissance, a dash of steampunk, a drizzle of cosplay, a pinch of imagination, a little bit of this and some more of that, simmer all year and BAM! A complex taste of amazing, breath taking and spectacular for the closing weekend that will leave you coming back for seconds! Let us see what happens when you bring three amazing universes together, when worlds collide in the Enchanted Forest!

Don't miss these fun festive weekends! Mid Michigan Renaissance Festival strives to provide an enjoyable experience for EVERYBODY. For more information call (989) 652-2362.
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