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Beaver Island Music Fest

July 14-16, 2022 - Beaver Island Community Center

Beaver Island Music Festival promotes the variety and tradition of all music and art. We want to create opportunities for all artists, be an educational resource, and strongly encourage community and family involvement in an outdoor environment combining nature, renewable energies, music, and artwork. Our main goal is to bring attention to the beautiful world that we live in (especially Beaver Island) by uniting all of these talents and people.

Beaver Island is exactly that an island. Travel to and from the island is done in only two ways, by boat or plane. If you will be traveling to the island, we suggest that you plan at least a month in advance if possible. You can do this by contacting Beaver Island Boat Company (231) 448-2210, contact Island Airways (231) 448-2071, or call Fresh Air Aviation at (231) 448-2089.

Beaver Island also offers several marinas.  Contact Beaver Island Marina (231) 448-2300, or for those taking the journey across Lake Michigan on their own, we have a convenient municipal marina on the island.

26215 Main Street, Beaver Island, MI 49782


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