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Art on the Bay

September 3-4, 2022 - Walter & Mary Burke Park

Art on the Bay provides the opportunity to expose people to the arts, highlights and supports our local business by bringing thousands of visitors to downtown, introduces the public to our recreational assets, and creates a sense of community for those fortunate enough to live in New Baltimore. Show hours are 10am-5pm both Saturday & Sunday.

Through shared expression, we can discover both unique perspectives and reminders of what make us not so different. Art often leads us to these realizations, because when someone interprets the world around us it invites us to consider our own interpretations. It asks us to explore our wonder, and at the same time feel a part of something bigger than ourselves. Each year during the onset of autumn, the idyllic atmosphere of downtown New Baltimore thrums with such exploration and unity. Tucked against Lake St. Clair in Walter and Mary Burke Park, Art on the Bay joins thousands to see where brush strokes, stained glass and crafts can take them.

You can follow the sounds of live music and laughter to unexpected encounters, rent a kayak or paddleboard to enjoy the water, or simply browse eclectic displays until you find the piece that feels made just for you. So enjoy a massage or a walk on the pier. Drift among walls of compelling photography and take a sniff of a vial of handmade lotion. Here, the jewelry really is a collection of one-of-a-kinds, and the experience of adventuring through the curiosities of individuals really does bring together a community.

36300 Front Street New Baltimore, MI 48047


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