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Dablon Vineyards

We invite you to join us here at Dablon Vineyards where we believe that exceptional wine comes from exceptional grapes and their unique terroir.  Committed to creating quality products, our grapes are hand-nurtured from the time they are planted until they are harvested, and our wines are produced in our hillside facility and stored in an underground cellar.  

Unique to our hilly location, our terraced vineyard blocks are a beautiful sight to behold. The stone lined terraces ensure proper drainage and prevent erosion while providing a picturesque setting.

Our Vineyard is named as a tribute to Claude Dablon, French explorer and Jesuit priest, who was one of the first Europeans to arrive in Michigan, when it was still a part of New France in the 1600s.  History describes Father Dablon making wine from grapes he found in the New World.  It is our goal to marry European varietals with our unique terroir in Southwest Michigan to make extraordinary wine.

With 36 acres of estate-grown grapes planted on our 75 acre farm, we are proud to be a Michigan winery!

111 W Shawnee Rd., Baroda, Michigan, 49101

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