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Baroda Founders Wine Cellar

Here at Baroda Founders Wine Cellar you will find rustic charm and a fun, relaxed atmosphere. We make wine accessible to all palates by producing a variety of wines, ranging from classic varietals to chocolate and fruit flavored-enhanced wines from locally grown grapes. 

Nestled in the heart of southwest Michigan, Baroda Founders Wine Cellar is located in one of the best grape-growing regions of the world! With Lake Michigan to the west, our reion's climate is ideal for growing bountiful harvests of fruit.

We enjoy sharing our wines, knowledge and good times ... so please stop by for a visit - "we are just five carwheels from the water tower!"

8963 Hills Rd., Baroda, Michigan, 49101

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Summer Solstice Mid Jun Round Barn
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Round Barn Harvest Party Early Sep Round Barn
Jammin’ in the Vineyard Mid Sep Round Barn

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